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About "Roommates"

All Elise wants is a normal roommate. One who doesn’t say, constantly have sex on the squeaky top bunk – or leave just one tortilla chip in the bag…

Elise thought starting her life over in San Diego would mean writing at the beach and rendezvousing with sun kissed surfer gods. But once she arrived at the ill-named Casa de Paradiso, the California dreaming turned into a nightmare. She’d moved into Justine’s apartment, miles from the ocean, but unfortunately, Justine’s rocker boyfriend has moved in too and he isn’t kicking in a penny.

True, Justine does keep the place neat and clean – though it’s hard to tell through the haze of cigarette smoke. And Elise is starting to get used to the helicopters that routinely fly overhead, warning them to stay inside and lock their doors. But she knows there must be better places to live, and better people to room with. Like Max, for example. The trouble is, she’d like to share a whole lot more with him than a bathroom…

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“Lyles creative flair makes whatever subject she chooses fascinating to a wide variety of readers…” 
       - Romantic Times

Excluding her family, Whitney Lyles has lived with over a dozen roommates, most of whom she still keeps in touch with.  Perhaps the most interesting roommate situation she’s ever been exposed to was her husband’s.  A former guitarist, he lived with a rock band for ten years.  The tales from those days are far too wild for any books she would write.